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Ray Eveleigh

Ray Eveleigh

Ray is founder of Cornflakes Theology, a progressive Christian group near Driffield.

Ray Eveleigh was born in Treherbert, Rhondda, S. Wales in 1936, educated in Pentre Grammar School, and Cardiff University where he graduated with a degree in Maths & Physics. Moving to Norfolk, he married Brenda in 1959 where he taught Physics for 3 years in Thetford Grammar school before moving to Leicester where he worked as a mathematician with English Electric Atomic Power Division. After three years he returned to teaching, first in Scunthorpe and then Hull College of Technology as a lecturer in Computing.

In 1973 he started training for ordination with the Northern Ordination Course based in Manchester. Ordained in 1976 he continued as a non-stipendiary minister for 7 years eventually becoming full-time Vicar of St. Mark’s Anlaby where he served for 12 years. During this time he was awarded an MA by Hull University with his Thesis on the ’Theological Understanding of Industrial Society’.

He then served for the next six years as Rector of the Langtoft Benefice before retiring to Kilham where he helps out in the local benefice. His time is now divided between family, piano and Cornflakes Theology. (see )

Articles by Ray Eveleigh

Bishop Richard Wood: Deported

This is the Save newsletter from 1975, an Emergency Issue that reported the news that Bishop Wood had been deported.

Bishop Richard Wood: Politics and Theology

25/2/77 A minister giving political speeches instead of sermons. A politician making statements of Christian principle instead of a clear political programme. Both become something of a public spectacle. But the Church and its Christian members live in the world and are expected to have their ‘religion’ and political responsibility.

Bishop Richard Wood: What is Truth?

Do you remember how at the confrontation between Pilate and Jesus, the religious leaders were hackling in the background? Pilate was so confused that he did not recognize he was in the presence of truth. The truth was Jesus himself; all he’d done and taught for three years. No one reported this to Pilate, and who believes a prisoner without witnesses? Pilate heard bad news. The truth was good news.

The Writings of Bishop Richard Wood

I have the great privilege of having in my possession a large quantity of material which is in the form of documents, some typed, some handwritten from Bishop Richard Wood. Richard was a close friend and Bishop of Namibia during the 1970's. Sadly he died about 10 years ago. These papers came into my hands by the kind permission of his widow Cathy Wood. I hope to publish this fascinating material on Cornflakes Theology group in the coming months so I first introduce Bishop Richard to you now.

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