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Harry Houldsworth

Harry Houldsworth

Harry is a PCN Britain member and also a member of St Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity

Harry is a retired lecturer in higher education at Nottingham Trent University, specialising in aspects of technology and management in the building industry.

A life-long lay member of the Church of England, he is now ecumenical in approach, and attends church services organised by Anglicans, Methodists, the United Reformed Church, and (occasionally) the Roman Catholic Church.

Harry has a long interest in the development of educational psychology, in politics, and in the history of religions, including the history of Christianity and subject of “Mission” in the UK. He describes himself as a progressive Christian and a strong supporter of the role of women in the Church.

He makes no claims to be a theologian; rather, he sees himself as representative of that well educated class of the laity who think carefully about what they believe, and feel a need to offer informed feedback to Church leaders.

(Whether Church leaders accept such feedback is another matter.)

Harry is married to Brenda; they have a son and daughter and six grandchildren. They live in Nottingham and Yorkshire.

Articles by Harry Houldsworth

The Invisible Pews

Church policy, for millennia, has been to ignore any sign that church members do not believe what is taught in the historic creeds. Heretical views, officially, do not exist!

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