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Sonya Brown

Sonya Brown

​Sonya is currently a curate in the St Philip's parish, Leicester and was ordained deacon in July 2010. Previously to beginning training for ordination she worked as a Development Worker for the Southwark diocesan organisation Welcare. She enjoys living and learning in the very multifaith context of Leicester. She holds an inclusive theology and would really like to share with the world that you can be young, be liberal and be passionate about faith!

Articles by Sonya Brown

What I Would Ask the New Chief Exec of Canterbury

Justin Welby is the first Archbishop of Canterbury whose background includes being a chief executive in private industry. As one of his newly acquired junior employees, Sonya Brown, has prepared a few probing questions she would ask the boss, should she get invited to a 'team development day'.

My feelings of rage

Sonya Brown, a curate from Leicester, is still in an a state of shock, a fortnight after the vote on women bishops in the Church of England

Should Britain remain a Christian nation?

Sonya Brown, a curate in Leicester, recently contributed a slot to a week of 4-Thought monologues on Channel Four. The subject was whether Britain should still be considered a Christian nation.

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