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Richard Holdsworth

Richard Holdsworth

Richard Holdsworth was born in Yorkshire and lives near Philadelphia, USA.

He is a retired merchant mariner, professional writer, teacher, and juvenile probation office. He has been involved in numerous social causes and explored various religious practices.

His spiritual growth began with a dramatic conversion and subsequent evangelism, before he questioned dogma. He has written a collection of meditations, prayers and contemporary canticles which he has used for innovated worship services.

Articles by Richard Holdsworth

The Fear of God

Richard Holdsworth argues that being possessed with a fear of God is not a state to be inculcated in our young. And he finds support for his view that at least some Biblical passages on the subject have been misinterpreted.

The changing meaning of sin

Richard Holdsworth looks at how the meaning of the word 'sin' changed when transferred from the Judaic tradition to Christianity.

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