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Michael Wright

Michael Wright

A journalist turned vicar, Michael, now retired, is a Quaker and chair of the Nontheist Friends Network

​Michael Wright began his working life as a newspaper reporter. He has retained an interest in various forms of good communication in the service of good news through his 37 years as an ordained Anglican, and since 2000 as a Quaker. He writes often for different publications, and has had a spell as the media officer for PCN Britain. He is keen to ensure that the progressive Christian voice is heard in the national and local media, including social networks.

He is the Convenor of a monthly Book Club - “Journeyings” at Middlesbrough which is the nucleus of a PCN Group.

Articles by Michael Wright

Gretta Vosper - a distinctive voice

Michael Wright considers the writings of Gretta Vosper whose UK visit takes place in September with events in London and Oxford. Tickets available.

The meaning of Christmas

Michael Wright explains how the Christmas stories are still relevant to him, even though he no longer believes it happened like that.

The theology of Gretta Vosper

There is a common aim among progressive Christians to be followers of Jesus. But our understanding of divinity is a source of lively debate with a whole spectrum of beliefs and agnosticisms. Gretta Vosper has opened up a new strand in this debate. Michael Wright likes what she has to say.


How can we approach Christmas, once we accept that the birth narratives in the Bible are not based on historical fact.

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