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John Churcher

John Churcher

John Churcher is a retired Methodist Minister and former Chair of PCN Britain

John Churcher is a recently retired Methodist Minister. His Permission to Speak website helps to share progressive Christianity beyond the confines of a traditional church pastorate. He is the author of Setting Jesus Free and Dying to Live. John's preaching, consultancy and workshop-based activities are taking him around the UK and overseas. He remains a trustee of PCN Britain and is available to support and encourage PCN Britain and similar groups.

Articles by John Churcher

Mothering Sunday

In this sermon, John Churcher, former chair of PCN Britain, encourages church going Christians to act like mothers, making sacrifices in order to nurture the future of the Church.

Transfiguration and the ballot box

John Churcher sheds light on the story of the transfiguration of Jesus as an example of Jewish midrash. It means that Jesus is the new Moses. And it provides a lesson as we go to cast our votes in May.

Redemptive violence?

On Armistice Day, John Churcher, vice chair of PCN Britain, ponders the nature of war.

Gay Marriage

The chair of PCN Britain, John Churcher, gives this personal take on the gay marriage debate. A survey of PCN members found the 94% were in favour of allowing gay and lesbian couples to get married.

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