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Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

Andrew publishes cartoons on his website

​Studied Divinity at New College, Edinburgh. Hooked on the Bible's extraordinary political insights but with no interest in religion he joined the French Protestant Industrial Mission, earning his living as an unskilled manual worker. Expelled from France in 1973 for ‘political activities unbecoming in a foreigner’ settled in Castlemilk, Glasgow working as a hospital porter. Started using cartoons because his workmates would not read anything else but came to realize he did not know enough about the Bible to communicate it properly. Moved to the east end of London to do his own research. Having finally worked things out to his own satisfaction and retiring as Deputy Head Porter at St Pancras Hospital, Andrew has returned to the job of expounding the Bible.

Articles by Andrew Parker

What does it mean that Christ died for our sins?

Andrew Parker argues that the metaphor of being 'saved from sins', used by St Paul and St John was taken too literally by the Medieval church and in the process the political reality of Jesus' message was lost.

Military Might

Andrew Parker makes a case for the rejection of military might, taking his evidence from the Hebrew Bible.

Charity as Beside the Point (Part 2)

In the second of two articles on the condescending nature of charity, Andrew Parker claims we should ask not what we can do to for others, but what we can do for ourselves. Those who have been marginalised can already see what we cannot see; how we much are tied into the existing domination system.

Charity as Beside the Point (Part 1)

This article by Andrew Parker was written over a year ago for a church magazine in Suffolk but somehow never got published. Was it just too radical? Given the growing support in the Church of England for the Occupy campaign, one hopes that the editors of the parish magazine might now think again. But in case they don’t, here it is for all to read. He wrote a follow up which will be available here soon.

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