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Val Webb

Val Webb

Dr Webb's professional career spans microbiology, business, public relations, writing, art and theology. She grew up in Brisbane, Australia and subsequently lived in Portsmouth, England and Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Val has a Ph.D. in theology and has taught at universities in the United States and Australia. During her time in Brisbane, she held leadership positions in the Uniting Church in Australia, including inaugural Chair of Queensland’s Commission of Education and Communication, responsible for theological and lay education and synod communication.

Val has written a number of books including In Defense of Doubt: an Invitation to Adventure (Chalice, 1995), Why We’re Equal: Introducing Feminist Theology (Chalice,1999), John’s Message: Good News for the New Millennium (Abingdon, 1999), Florence Nightingale: the Making of a Radical Theologian (Chalice, 2002), Like Catching Water in a Net: Human Attempts to Describe the Divine (Continuum New York & London, 2007, which won the “general religion” category of the USA Best books 2007 Awards), Stepping out with the Sacred: Human Attempts to engage the Divine (Continuum, 2010) and In Defence of Doubt: an invitation to adventure, 2nd edn. (Mosaic , 2012).

Articles by Val Webb

An Australian Abroad

Theologian Val Webb reflects on her UK tour of PCN groups earlier this year. She warns the progressive movement against developing a new orthodoxy and to be respectful of those taking their first steps into progressive thinking.

Rehabilitating Thomas

Val Webb, author of In Defence of Doubt, is currently on a tour of the UK. Here she finds a motive which might explain why John's Gospel leaves the apostle Thomas' reputation so discredited.

Why faith and doubt are not opposites

"In Defence of Doubt" was the title of Dr Val Webb's 2013 tour of the UK. It is also the title of her best known book. In this excerpt from one of her talks she rejects the idea that faith and doubt are opposites.

Why I am thankful for feminist theology

Australian theologian, Val Webb, recently completed a tour of the UK. The talks she gave can now be read, in an expanded version, in the Resources section of this website. In this excerpt she outlines the importance to her of feminist theology.

In Defence of Doubt

Starting on 18th June, PCN Britain and the Open Christianity Network Ireland are sponsoring a tour of the United Kingdom by Dr. Val Webb, who will be speaking on the new edition of her book ‘In Defence of Doubt: an invitation to adventure’

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