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Manchester attack

Wednesday 31st May, 2017 | Author: Adrian Alker

Manchester attack What has Christianity to say to a grieving nation and families overwhelmed by grief? The chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker, offers this commentary.

The atrocious and heartbreaking attack at Manchester Arena has left us all shocked, saddened and, yes, angry, at the loss of so many young lives. Of course we read and see via the media similar outrages across the world. A few days after the tragic event in Manchester, a similar number of children – all Coptic Christians –were killed by Islamic extremists in Egypt, where the minority Christian population lives in fear.  But Manchester, a drive away, brings home the horror of such murderous ideology of Isis and associated terrorist groups.

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The Manchester bombing - questions for religion

Tuesday 30th May, 2017 | Author: John Churcher

The Manchester bombing - questions for religion Former chair of PCN Britain, John churcher, says the Manchester attack underlines the need for a reformation in our religious thinking.

Manchester reminds me yet again that regardless of the different religious labels by which we choose to define ourselves we each have a responsibility to work together for the common good and for the future of creation.

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Be the Longing

Thursday 25th May, 2017

Be the Longing Kelly Isola, turns around the "Where was God?" question which gets asked in the teeth of chaos and tragedy

Often, during times like these of great suffering, upheaval and uncertainty, the question arises “Where is God?” But the question I would put before you today is not “Where is God,” rather I would ask “Where is humanity? Where are you?”

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Ten Ways to Meet God Mindfully

Sunday 21st May, 2017

Ten Ways to Meet God Mindfully Jim Burklo, Associate Dean at the Religious Life department of the University of Southern California, provides some avenues to experience God through mindfulness.

Know the divine Knower within you as you mindfully contemplate...

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Speaking of God in the 21st Century - lecture audio

Friday 12th May, 2017 | Author: Val Webb

Speaking of God in the 21st Century - lecture audio Australian theologian, Dr Val Webb, speaking on 4th May 2017 at Cairns Church of Scotland, tackles the tension between a Biblical faith and a modern faith.

Talking about God must always hold two things together – the story of God; and making sense of that story in our changing cultural, scientific and social understandings.... 

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Marriage and same sex relationships

Friday 12th May, 2017 | Author: Harry Houldsworth

Marriage and same sex relationships Pre-occupation with who is allowed to marry has led us to ignore a much more significant issue - the side-lining of marriage itself, says Harry Houldsworth

Adrian Alker, the chair of PCN Britain, is to be applauded for his criticism of the House of Bishops Report on Marriage and Same Sex Relationships.  My only reservation is that, once again, a single issue has been permitted to deflect attention from the fact that marriage in any form has been under sustained political and legal attack for many decades. The highly emotive language used in this latest debate is doing little to stop the institution of marriage being further undermined...

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A Big Conversation in Birmingham

Thursday 6th April, 2017

A Big Conversation in Birmingham Andy Long, convenor of the PCN Cardiff group, comments on his first PCN Britain AGM.

Last weekend I enjoyed a train trip up to Birmingham to attend the AGM of the Progressive Christianity Network.  It’s the first time I had been to this event and didn’t really know what to expect, apart from previous experiences of other AGMs leaning towards the tedious...

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Philip North was right to withdraw as Bishop of Sheffield

Tuesday 28th March, 2017 | Author: Adrian Alker

Philip North was right to withdraw as Bishop of Sheffield The experience of this flawed appointment should be a test case that ends the ongoing prejudice and discrimination in the Church of England, says PCN Britain chair, Adrian Alker

I very much welcome the gracious decision of Bishop Philip North to withdraw his acceptance of the post of Bishop of Sheffield. This has doubtless been a painful process for him as well as the many women and men in the diocese of Sheffield who opposed his nomination. It is to be hoped that Philip North’s ministry in the Blackburn Diocese will continue to flourish...

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It’s a Man’s Church

Tuesday 28th March, 2017

It’s a Man’s Church Rhian Taylor charts the ebb and flow of empathy for Philip North over his aborted appointment as Bishop of Sheffield.

After considerable controversy Rev Phillip North resigned from his forthcoming appointment as the Bishop of Sheffield.   This was due to criticism that as a member of Forward in Faith and The Society, organisations that don’t accept women priests and bishops, he would not be able to adequately support the clergy in Sheffield, a third of whom are women. The immediate response to his resignation seems to be a call to greater tolerance and a concern that this response has not shown enough tolerance to those of a traditional perspective... 

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Mothering Sunday

Monday 20th March, 2017 | Author: John Churcher

Mothering Sunday In this sermon, John Churcher, former chair of PCN Britain, encourages church going Christians to act like mothers, making sacrifices in order to nurture the future of the Church.

Being a mother is not easy. Mothers usually want the very best for their children and they will sacrifice even their own self and their own life to protect and to nurture their children and provide a better future for them than they themselves have experienced.  Surely, that is also what we should be doing for the Christian Church today,  sacrificing many of the words that remains precious to us to protect and to nurture the future of the Church in an increasingly secular world?  

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