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Members of the Progressive Christianity Network seek a credible and inclusive way to follow Jesus.
We are unafraid to question traditional church teaching; we value contemporary thought and recent biblical understanding. We do not offer a set of answers but we invite you to join us in asking the questions.

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Letter from a refugee kitchen in Athens

PCN member, Bob Harvey has volunteered to get personally involved in helping refugees. He helps to prepare meals which are then distributed each evening in the city's Victoria Square.

Blog    Tuesday 26th April, 2016    

Chair’s Update April 2016

In April’s update Adrian Alker talks about the varied events that PCN is organising or in which we are participating.

News    Thursday 21st April, 2016

Tickets for Brian McLaren tour go on sale

October 8th - 15th 2016.  All eight venues are now confirmed.  London, Exeter, Cardiff, Birmingham, Largs, Manchester, Newcastle and Harrogate.

News    Tuesday 12th April, 2016

The Holy Box

A poem for Easter by Sydney Carter (1915 - 2004)

News    Saturday 26th March, 2016

Brian McLaren to tour the UK at PCN’s invitation

Often cited as one of the most influential Christian leaders in the West, Brian McLaren will be here in October 2016, speaking on his upcoming book, ‘The Great Spiritual Migration: Re-imagining a Faith that will Save Us’

News    Monday 29th February, 2016

Is a Radical Church Possible? by Adrian Alker

In his new book, PCN’s Britain’s chair, Adrian Alker, argues that churches should listen to the radical voices within.  Far from undermining the institution, they offer the churches’ best hope of survival.

News    Wednesday 10th February, 2016

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