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Members of the Progressive Christianity Network seek a credible and inclusive way to follow Jesus.
We are unafraid to question traditional church teaching; we value contemporary thought and recent biblical understanding. We do not offer a set of answers but we invite you to join us in asking the questions.

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PCN Trustees send letter of support to Canadian minister on heresy trial

PCN is concerned about the wish to put doctrinal boundaries around what constitutes good leadership in the church.  PCN holds that the way we behave towards others is the fullest expression of our faith.  We applaud the Christian work that Gretta Vosper is doing in her church and we are not offended that she rejects traditional concepts of God.

News    Thursday 17th September, 2015

PCN launches the Marcus Borg Memorial Fund

In the latest edition of Progressive Voices, the chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker, appeals for donations towards a series of annual lectures in honour of a remarkable teacher and friend of PCN who died this year.

News    Tuesday 15th September, 2015


Have your say on whether PCN’s Eight Points are a help or a hindrance to open Christianity.  One of our trustees fears they read too much like a creed.

News    Wednesday 9th September, 2015

After the Fountain - Poetry and Faith

In this report on PCN Britain’s 2015 spring conference in London, Tony Rutherford reflects on the message and the wit imparted by our speaker, Rev’d Canon Mark Oakley.

News    Friday 4th September, 2015

Am I a Christian?

David Kemp finds much to agree with in the June edition of Progressive Voices. This lead him to ponder whether he can still call himself a Christian. He starts with the quote in the front cover, from Karen…

Blog    Thursday 3rd September, 2015    

An Australian Abroad

Theologian Val Webb reflects on her UK tour of PCN groups earlier this year. She warns the progressive movement against developing a new orthodoxy and to be respectful of those taking their first steps…

Blog    Thursday 3rd September, 2015    Author: Val Webb

Chair’s Update August 2015

PCN’s newly elected chair, Adrian Alker, brings us up to date on newly available resources and planned future events.

News    Thursday 27th August, 2015

Adrian Alker is the new Chair of PCN Britain

The Progressive Christianity Network Britain is pleased to announce the election of the Revd Canon Adrian Alker to be its new Chair, succeeding Angela Smith.

News    Thursday 6th August, 2015

Believing and Transforming

Howard Grace writes about a gathering of 70 people from various faiths and backgrounds who met last May to discuss personal transformation, guided by the question, ‘How Do I Overcome?’

Blog    Wednesday 8th July, 2015    Author: Howard Grace

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