Holding the Tension of Opposites

Holding the Tension of Opposites

An Alternative Orthodoxy helps us discern which stories to include and which to transcend.

What happens when the stories of our early lives no longer resonate with what we’re experiencing now? The death of a someone close, condemnation from a once-loving church, an uphill battle for peace and justice — when dogma no longer feels right, when belief no longer aligns with life, it’s time to seek new understanding. The path through this kind of disorder is one Fr. Richard Rohr often calls holding the tension of opposites.

When Debbie Burkholder felt her theology crumble, she felt the call to transcend. But it was not easy. She also experienced anger, disappointment, shame, and loneliness.

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Image: "Frayed rope and wooden dock" by Tom Bech is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


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