Sponsorship grants for PCN-affiliated groups

PCN is offering grants of up to £50 to help affiliated groups with special projects

Starting from January 2013, ​PCN has set up fund of up to £500 a year to provide grants to affiliated groups for projects which are not revenue generating*. This might be a leafleting campaign or expenses for a guest speaker to attend a meeting. The maximum for each grant will be £50 and groups will have to demonstrate that they are also making a financial contribution. This download explains how the Sponsorship policy operates and contains an application form.

*You can also use this form to apply for help towards making up a short-fall on a ticket event which didn't cover costs.

For revenue generating projects, such as regional conferences, we still offer underwriting up to a maximum of £500 for each event. Underwriting details can be found at: http://www.pcnbritain.org.uk/resources/publications/conference_planning_-_financial_underwriting_policy_available_to_affiliated