September 2023 Progressive Voices

September 2023 Progressive Voices

Issue 46


2 Poem: Our Need For God

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Membership

5 Imagined teachings of Jesus

6 The Church and Sex #2

9 Letters; Response; Treasurer

10 George Floyd’s Ladder

12 Progressive Priorities

14 Meeting the Bible; MWiB (Cornwall) Welcomes PCN

16 Mark’s Jesus

18 Christians Asleep

19 Whose Heaven?

20 News from local groups

21 Inter Faith Week; But What Can I Do?; PCN Britain's 20th Anniversary

22 Reviews: Questioning Spirituality, Gospel Notes and More, Messy Adventures, Fans, Cherishing then Earth-Nourishing the Spirit, Sermons in Stones, Inside the Preacher’s Mind, The Wisdom Pattern

24 Made of Stories