September 2021 Progressive Voices

September 2021 Progressive Voices

Issue 38


2 Hymn: O God who longs

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Membership

5 Letters

6 What’s in a Name?

7 Introducing: Tony Sánchez

8 Silverwing / Writing for children

9 Conferences: Worship In A Digital Age; Hope for the Future?

10 The art of spiritual practice

11 Poem: Don’t be afraid

12 The Future of Progress

13 Lessons from Sunday Assembly

14 Revisiting Progressive Christianity

16 Introducing: Jenny Jacobs

17 Patrick and Davy

18 News from local groups

19 Memoriam

20 Reviews: How to eat bread; Edgewise?; Everything is Sacred; The Joy of Caring; The Space Between; New Horizons; Outlove; Green Reflections; Just Faith; Up from the Ashes; In the Shelter; The Humble Church

24 Come inherit the Kindom