September 2018 Progressive Voices

September 2018 Progressive Voices

Issue 26

2 Poem

3 Welcome; Marcus Borg Memorial

4 Chair's letter; Staff and Trustees

5 Your letters; Members Residential; Conferences, CANA; Free to Believe; Rupert Sheldrake; Dave Tomlinson; Richard Holloway; Paul Rasor; Matt Carmichael; Alistair McIntosh; Deconstruction Retreat.

6 Describing what I believe?

7 Go to Church; Peom; How to...

8 What now?

10 What are Creeds good for?

11 Transformation into Christ

12 Faithful, not belieiving

14 Review: Christian Middle Way

15 To Renew or not ...

16 Emerging Positively

18 News from local groups

21 Poems: Our Father ..., Psalm 100; Compassion

22 Reviews: Waiting For The Last Bus, The Prayer Wheel, Healing Spiritual Wounds, If the Church were Christian

23 Meditation on Ploughed Earth

24 One World Week