March 2019 Progressive Voices

March 2019 Progressive Voices

Issue 28

‚Äč2 Meditation: Temptation

3 Welcome; Greenbelt edition

4 Chair's letter, Staff and Trustees, Talks; Alistair McIntosh, Barbara Brown Taylor

5 Website; Compassion; Poem: This Child

6 Your letters; Talks: Perceptions of Christianity, Keith Ward; AGM; Religion & Atheism Conference

7 Riding Waves of Hatred

8 Quantum Theology and hymnody

9 Sing hymns; Membership

10 Secular liturgies

12 The Conversion of Rabbi Jesus

14 Science and Miracles

16 Communion: Bridge or Barrier

17 Introducing: Jenny Jacobs

18 Not Waving but Drowning

19 Poems: My First Night; Silent Flight

20 News from local groups

21 Prof. John F Hauht; Life, Death and Everything; Flourishing

22 Reviews: The Culture of God, Religion and Atheism, Religion Hurts, Urban Myths of Popular Modern Atheism, Seasons and self

23 Not Your Usual Sermon; Invitation to reflect on the 8 points

24 Ingredients for conversations; Radical Faith