March 2022 Progressive Voices

March 2022 Progressive Voices

Issue 40


2 Desmond Mpilo Tutu

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter

5 News from local groups; Letters; The Widening Circle of US

6 Helping Children Ask Holy Questions

7 … not just for Christmas

8 Mary, Founder of Christianity

9 Not being ...

10 Science and Christianity

11 The God of My Childhood #1

12 Book Reviews: Women’s Ministry

13 Not being a Christian

14 Church Action for Tax Justice

15 Keeping Hope Alive; Greenbelt Festival; Membership; Poem: Come Together

16 The God of My Childhood #2

17 Poems: How small, Disturbance; Cerebrations

18 Compromise?

20 Reviews: Earth is a School; Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer; Bringing God up to date; An Introduction to Christian Mysticism; Return from a Distant Country; Beyond Belief; Duppy Conqueror; Hope and Witness in Dangerous Times; The Backwater Sermons; Personal Idealism

23 Fairtrade Fortnight

24 8 points images