March 2021 Progressive Voices

March 2021 Progressive Voices

Issue 36


2 Poem: I Am

3 Welcome; Membership; Staff & Trustees;

4 Chair’s Letter

5 Faith After Doubt

6 Making Peace with ...

7 The Apostate’s Creed; Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture; Tax Justice

8 Whence such Wisdom?

9 Poem: Crucifixion?

10 Elijah Interfaith Institute

11 New land, church and horizons

12 Dark Angelic Mills

14 Outside of the bubble

15 Cross or Glory - you choose?

16 News from local groups

17 The Galilee Course

18 Reviews: Ineffable Love, The Gospel of Eve, Mandala, Keeping Alive the Rumor of God, A Future that’s bigger than the past, Closing Ranks, Christmas, But Where Are You Really From?, Taking Heart, Traidcraft, The Godless Gospel, The Black Church, Love Mercy, Christianity Expanding, The Gathering, Always a Guest

23 Poem: Colston’s Fall

24 Made of Stories