March 2018 Progressive Voices

March 2018 Progressive Voices

Issue 24

2 Poems: Why are we afraid of the dark? How firm a foundation?

3 Welcome

4 Chair’s Letter; Staff and Trustees

5 Your letters; Free to Believe conference; Rev Dr Roger Ray tour

6 Raising our Voice!

7 Charter for Compassion

8 Children and the Bible

9 Finding space; Joining in

10 Engaging with schools

11 Introducing: Pat Fuller

12 Building our hearts

13 Can’t Sing!

14 What do we tell the children?

16 The Virtue of Queerness

18 News from local groups

20 Reviews: Matthew in your Pocket, Prayers for Dementia, What is the Bible?, Exploring doubt: landscapes of loss and longing, Holy Habits, Unbelievable, Towards Jerusalem, Our Witness, Finding a way ahead, That was the Church that was, Jesus

24 The Heretic, Gretta Vosper DVD, Singing Hymns again for the first time, The Christian Student Guide