June 2023 Progressive Voices

June 2023 Progressive Voices

Issue 45


2 Prayer: Following Jesus

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Membership

5 Memoriam: Robert Reiss, Tom McLeish; Modern Church Conference

6 Consciousness

7 Re-formulate

8 God as Consciousness

9 True to God, True to Now

10 The Church and Sex #1

12 Interview: Sanjee Perera

15 Our Shared Humanity

16 Corporate Prayer in the 21st Century

18 Resurrection; Eye-contact

19 News from local groups

20 Poem: Potholes; Letters

21 Reviews: Let’s Talk About Doubt, Re-Building the Ruined Places, The Christ and Jesus, Beloved & Homosexuality for Progressive Christians, The Jesus Puzzle, Living God’s Future Now, Matters of Life and Death, Others, Twenty questions Jesus asked and how they speak to us today

24 Made of Stories