June 2022 Progressive Voices

June 2022 Progressive Voices

Issue 41


2 Poem: Corana Virus

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter

5 Membership; Keeping Hope Alive; Corner Stones; PV42; Greenbelt

6 Interpretive Stories

9 What PCN means to me; Conference: Living in Faith, Hope and Love; Refugee Week

10 The God of My Childhood #3

11 Consciousness

12 The Cosmos

14 Who is Christ for?

16 A Space for Sin?

18 News from local groups

19 Conference: More than Welcome

20 Reviews: Spectres of God; The Primacy of Love; New Directions for Holy Questions; What Were You Arguing About Along The Way?; For the Good of the World; Religion and Generation Z; Ecclesiology for a Digital Age; The Serendipity of Life’s Encounters; Mary Founder of Christianity; Young, Woke and Christian; Batman is Jesus; Spelunking scripture; Living while Dying; Slavery-Free Communities

24 Made of Stories