June 2021 Progressive Voices

June 2021 Progressive Voices

Issue 37


2 Poem: Searching for God

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Membership

5 Poem: God’s Kingdom; AGM; The Apostate’s Creed; Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture; Power of Partnership

6 The Undeserving Poor?

8 Something in Between

9 Poem: On the One Hand; Brave David?

10 Taking Heart

12 Closing Ranks

14 What is Truth?

16 Non-coercive Parenting for Faith

17 Poems: Transformation; Journey Home

18 News from local groups

20 Reviews: Revolutionary; Dark Angelic Mills; Embodied Performance; In Praise of Friendship; The God I Left Behind; Jesus for Farmers and Fishers; God is not a White Man; Forever in My Veins; Love’s Mysteries; A Roomful of Elephants

23 Keeping Alive The Rumor of God

24 Made of Stories