June 2018 Progressive Voices

June 2018 Progressive Voices

Issue 25

2 Poem: For Lyndi Fourie

3 Welcome

4 Secretary’s Letter; Staff and Trustees

5 Your letters; Solas Festival; Conferences: Marcus Borg Memorial; Free to Believe; Sea of Faith; Members’ Residential

6 A journey towards freedom

8 Black Sheep

9 What Price Honesty?

10 Ascension Day and Heaven

11 Response to ‘Can’t Sing!’; Hymn: Eternal Lather

12 Selecting and Singing Hymns

13 AGM

14 Christianity and Psychotherapy


16 In Search of Soul

17 Poem: Soulsong; Charter for Compassion

18 News from local groups

19 Pentecost Reflection

20 Reviews: Witness To Faith Today, The Heart is a Noisy Room, Interrupting Silence, Being Christian, Vibrant Christianity, Reimagining Britain, Mariner, A Franciscan way of Life, 4 Views on Pastoring LGBTQ Teenagers, Christmas, Resurrecting Easter

23 News from the Trustees

24 Poems: Psalm 42, Psalm 36:5-10