Jesus of Nazareth in 2010

In May 2010, Professor David Catchpole led a PCN Britain residential weekend at the St Deiniol's residential library. He addressed some of the questions provoked by historical affirmations about Jesus in the Christian creeds, and filled in some of the gaps left where those creeds say nothing at all. Finally, with an eye to the question of whether Jesus can be viewed as the founder of Christianity, Professor Catchpole drew in a "theologically significant other", and asked whether the religion of the carpenter's son was truly that of the tentmaker Roman citizen, and vice versa. The papers to accompany Professor Catchpole's talks are available here. The four topics are: 1. Mary and Joseph and the Baby (page 1); 2. Not a Christian but a Jew (page 15); 3. When from death he passed...? (page 30); 4. From 30 - 2010: Jesus in his world, and we in ours, (page 47).