December 2023 Progressive Voices

December 2023 Progressive Voices

Issue 47


2 Poem: A fresh path to travel?

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter; Buildings

5 Letters; The Hampshire Hub; Membership;

6 The Jesus Story Re-imagined

8 Christianity and Jesus of Nazareth

10 Near-Death Experiences

11 Magnet Volunteer Editor

12 Thinking the Unthinkable

14 Artificial Intelligence

16 Metaphysics and the Climate Crisis

17 Look Inwards

18 Imagined teachings of Jesus; Limerick Bible

19 News from local groups

20 Poem: Living; Reviews: Hope Leans Forward, The Difficult Words of Jesus, Three Worlds: Memoirs of an Arab Jew,

Deconstructing Whiteness, Empire and Mission, True to God, True to Now, The Precarious Church, Church of Birds, Re-Viewing the Resurrection, Religion, Unbelievable, Church beyond Walls

24 Love