December 2021 Progressive Voices

December 2021 Progressive Voices

Issue 39


2 John Shelby Spong

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 John Shelby Spong: Remembered, Affirmed, Accompanied, Privileged, Comforted, Supported, Graced

6 Walking Forward; Thinking Science, Thinking Faith; Membership

7 With Conviction; Introducing: Gwen Wills

8 Chair’s Letter

9 Letters; Memoriam

10 Beware False Prophets

11 Is this not the carpenter?

12 Lost in … Hiraeth; Cerebrations

13 Poems: Unfolding; Free as a bird; Guiding Lights

14 Life in all its fullness

16 Unholy / holy - thoughts about Prayer

18 News from local groups

20 Reviews: Death, Where Is Your Sting?; Mediating Faith; Candles in the Dark; Trauma and Pastoral Care; Where the light fell; The art of Holy Week and Easter; The World, the Flesh, and the Devil; Heaven Come Down; Communicate for Change; Church Going Gone; Cornflakes Theology

23 Poem: Two Trees

24 John Shelby Spong: bibliography