December 2020 Progressive Voices

December 2020 Progressive Voices

Issue 35


2 Poem: Finding God in the modern world

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees; Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture

4 Chair’s Letter

5 Poems: Another side, Advent affirmation; Membership; The Galilee Course

6 I too, am C of E

7 A Theology of Water

8 Christianity Expanding

9 Wealth, Property and Debate

10 Humble Glory

11 White Privilege

12 Spiritual Styles

14 Kabbalah and Healing

16 News from local groups

18 Reviews: Too Much Information, Multicultural Kingdom, Not for Nothing, God is Green, Buying Buddha, Selling
Rumi, Ghost Ship, Resounding Body, Between the Bells, The Bible and Mental Health, Christianity and Depression, To Thine Own Self be True, Shame-less, The Good Life, How Not to Totally Put your Children off God, Faith in Children, To the Survivors, Forbidden Fruit and Fig Leaves

23 The Ten Commandments

24 Made of Stories