December 2017 Progressive Voices

December 2017 Progressive Voices

Issue 23

P2 Poem: In this bleak midwinter

P3 Welcome; Contributions: Youth edition

P4 Chair’s Letter; Staff and Trustees

P5 Your letters; Compassion; Free to Believe conference; Poem: I saw three ships

P6 Tick-box belief

P7 Members’ Residential Weekend report

P8 Being Human - Sea of Faith

P9 Val Webb - tour reflection

P10 Cycle 48

P12 Joseph, Moses and Egypt

P14 What is Green Spirituality?

P15 Poem: Let there be.

P16 News from local groups

P18 Poem: Who weaves the Magic?

P19 Reforma&on Day

P20 Reviews: Prayers for Depression, Resurrecting Jesus, Love is His Meaning,The Scarlet Cord, David and the Philistine Woman, Walking with Biblical Women of Courage, Days of Awe and Wonder, Spirituality in Photography, Journey to the centre of the Soul, The Making of Humanity

P23 Church Action on Poverty Sunday

P24 Sponsor an Olive tree - Embrace the Middle East