December 2022 Progressive Voices

December 2022 Progressive Voices

Issue 43


2 Poem: 8th September 2022

3 Welcome; Staff & Trustees

4 Chair’s Letter

5 Olive Picking

6 God in the midst

7 Sovereignty and Subsidiarity

8 Unknowing God

9 Gratitude

10 No Damascus Road; Blocked

11 Start a Religion

12 Interview: Adrian Plass

14 Florence; Seeking; Shaped; Sharing

15 Reaching for the Unreachable

16 Life after Death

18 News from local groups; Death Where is your Sting?

19 Greenbelt; Membership; On still being ‘Honest to God’; Poem: Born Again

20 Reviews: The Audacity of Peace, Phases of Faith, Still Crazy, The Women Are Up To Something, The Power of Reconciliation, Repackaging Christianity, God, who on Earth are You?, Gypsies and Jesus, Render Unto Caesar, Meeting Christianity Again for the First Time, Unknowing God, Blood Legacy, The Naked Rabbi

24 Sponsor an olive tree