Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes

Photos from PCN Britain's spring conference 2014

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These images are from the PCN Britain Spring Conference 2014 called 'Seeing Jesus Again with New Eyes'. It took place on May 17th 2014 at the Priory Rooms in Birmingham. Mark Townsend was the keynote speaker and he reflected on the way Christianity can benefit from the insights of other faiths and the way they see Jesus. He describes himself as a hedge priest, which reflects the way his Christian faith has been influenced by and become inclusive of Paganism. In the afternoon, he set eight discussion topics for the audience. These photos cover the initial talk and the plenary session at the end of the afternoon when groups reported back and the final session when the audience pinned their name badges to a map to show where they'd come from. Finally, there's also a photo of the PCN stall with PCN Britain's new Administrative Assistant, Sarah Guilfoyle.

In the Resources Audio Index, you will find six clips from the conference including a five minute clip of Mark's opening talk. There's also a report on Mark's talk available in the News section, which is reprinted from PCN's magazine Progressive Voices.