Robin Meyers - 2017 Marcus Borg memorial Lecture

Photos taken by Sarah Guilfoyle and Andy Vivian

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Around a hundred people attended the second Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture on 13th May, held in Bristol, at St Stephen’s Church. The conference was chaired by Tony Rutherford. The theologian, Val Webb made a guest appearance. Paul Onslow, vice chair of PCN Britain, joined them on the panel/

Robin Meyers, an American theologian and pastor, offered two talks. The first - How I Became a Heretic with Help from Jesus. The second - Quantum Physics and the Future of God.

He critiqued the US government as a violent empire acting with the compliance of American churches. He gave us a contrasting picture of Jesus and what it means to be a Christian and how to be a progressive church.

He opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about the divine - as a luminous web - illustrated by the scientific notion of Quantum Entanglement. "We are not alone, we are part of a web of energy that connects everything, the ground of being itself. God is the Whole-ly One."

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