Gretta Vosper - Leeds October 2017

Photos taken by Paul Onslow

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Gretta Vosper, a Canadian minister, author and atheist, led two conferences, one organised by PCN Britain in Leeds and another a week later in Birmingham, organised by Carrs Lane Church. Speaking to the title, "Creating a World Beyond the Beliefs that Divide", she explored the boundary between Christianity and Atheism and challenged us to think about the aims of religion. She argued that the continued use of highly theistic language has become a stumbling block to the most important aim of Christianity.

Gretta was accompanied by her musician husband, Scott Kearns, who has written and composed non-theist hymns and who led the singing of some of them on the piano. You can read a blog about Gretta's talks in Birmingham in our Blog section. Both conferences covered similar ground. Gretta Vosper's website