PCN National Team

Sue Hobley

Committee member


After graduation from Newcastle University with a degree in German and Scandinavian Studies, I taught Modern Foreign Languages for 30 years in the North East of England. Brought up in a variety of mainstream churches, I was always interested in theology and I came with many questions and still do! For me authentic Christianity has to be reasonable, satisfy the intellect not just the emotions and be worked out in real life. After some years as a Methodist, I returned to the Church of England when women were beginning to be ordained and discovered a vocation to priesthood. During training I read Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan’s work and enjoyed 2 conferences in Sheffield at St Mark’s Broomhill, hearing them both speak. After ordination I continued teaching as a Minister in Secular Employment while working in a parish in Sunderland. Eventually I gave up teaching and moved into full time ministry in Sheffield at St Mark’s Broomhill as Adrian Alker’s glamorous assistant! I then spent 6 happy years as Vicar of a parish in South Yorkshire.

Now retired from full time ministry, I am also Chair of St Mark’s Sheffield Centre for Radical Christianity for the time being. I am so glad to have found CRC and PCN. It’s a privilege to be a trustee of PCN and to share the running of the Yorkshire “Thinking Faith” PCN group with my husband.

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