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Peter Stribblehill



Peter met and married Joy while they were still both at university. They have two adult children and three grandchildren. After a brief job as a pharmaceutical research chemist, he worked for the Inland Revenue (later HMRC) from 1975 until retirement in 2011. He then took an MA in interreligious studies to develop a long term interest in other faiths. He started to look seriously at his beliefs in his late 30s and quickly fell under the spell of Don Cupitt’s non realism. He is a founder member of PCN, having previously joined the US network Centre for Progressive Christianity.

His MA dissertation was on `What are

the advantages of non realism in inter faith dialogue?` He firmly believes that many typical problems of such dialogue such as `which is true` or `does Christ save Buddhists` simply disappear when it is realised that humans around the globe created their own religions (and Gods?) depending on their local circumstances. There is therefore a plurality of truths, each religion being true for its followers.

Having served more than 30 years as

treasurer of church, parish and deanery and also as independent examiner of PCN, in 2017 he bowed to the inevitable and became its treasurer.

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