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Simon Cross



Having grown up in the evangelical tradition, Simon has been drawn to an increasingly mystical, radical and questioning approach to Christianity over the course of a couple of decades.

For Simon, the way of Jesus is an intensely political path, leading him in to an ongoing and active engagement with Christian anarchism, as well as the social gospel and liberation traditions of Christian thinking, to which Progressive Christianity owes a great deal.

Simon has published on the phenomenon of New Monasticism, as well as Nature Connection in the Christian tradition. He is currently doing a theology PhD, and regularly presents papers at academic conferences. Along with his day-to-day pastoral work, he also teaches meditation and helps to accompany people through the process of spiritual formation. He was also a founder of the UK’s first (and only) official Heavy Metal Carol Service.

Simon is married to Kelly, and they have two daughters, with whom they love to go canoeing.

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