SCM asks churches to be honest about LGBTQ+

A lot of churches don’t let on whether they are affirming and welcoming of LGBTQ+ people. Some churches say everyone is welcome, but then turn out to have hostile theology that comes as a surprise.

Some churches are largely affirming but don’t feel they are doing enough to warrant putting a rainbow on their website, so they might get overlooked. LGBTQ+ people and their staunch allies exist in churches of all kinds, but everyone needs to be able to find the right place to worship and grow as a Christian in safety. Honesty is the beginning of being able to do that.

Honest Church is a campaign of the Student Christian Movement designed to encourage greater honesty about the true welcome that LGBTQ+ people receive in a church.

The aim is to enable and prompt churches to be more specific in their description of their welcome, both in their publicity and when students, graduates and others come and ask questions about the inclusiveness of the welcome.

Further information and the Honest Church toolkit are available at

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