Quakers in Britain statement on COP26 outcomes

As COP26 concluded, Quakers in Britain made this statement.

“COP26 has delivered tiny steps forward when giant leaps are needed.

“This is particularly unjust for people in the Global South who are feeling the first and worst impacts of the climate crisis, despite being least responsible for causing it.

“During the final week of COP26, we identified four areas where progress was needed for the summit to be successful. In most of these four areas, the final COP agreement failed to deliver any or sufficient progress.

“We are particularly disappointed by the lack of finance for loss and damage. This comes on top of the failure of rich countries to deliver on earlier promises to provide money to the Global South to help them adapt to climate change. Countries affected by the impacts of climate change are being told to wait for the finance they urgently need.

This shows a lack of moral leadership from the rich and powerful...

- Quakers in Britain statement

“At the same time, emissions are not being cut fast enough to prevent temperature rises that will have catastrophic impacts on lives, livelihoods, traditions and biodiversity.

“Oliver Robertson, Head of Witness and Worship for Quakers in Britain, noted that 'it's galling that we're in a situation where some countries felt that they had to accept this deal, knowing that it was nowhere near enough to give their communities a reasonable chance of survival. This shows a lack of moral leadership from the rich and powerful, and is why we stand in solidarity with Global South countries and communities, who understandably feel a sense of betrayal.'

“While climate justice has not been served this time, this is not the end.

“The small steps forward seen at COP would not have been possible without both committed negotiators and tireless campaigning from the climate justice movement. That movement has grown and united over the two weeks of COP. Quakers in Britain will continue to work with representatives from climate vulnerable communities, decision-makers and other civil society groups to campaign for real action on climate justice."

Marching for climate justice at COP26. (Photo Michael Preston for BYM)

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