Are five better than eight? have updated their core values and reduced their eight points to five.

The eight points, or core values, set out by formed the basis for PCN Britain's own eight points. Periodically review their core values and the most recent version now contains fewer points.

The Core Values of Progressive Christianity

By calling ourselves progressive Christians, we mean that we are Christians who...

1. Believe that following the way and teachings of Jesus can lead to experiencing sacredness, wholeness, and unity of all life, even as we recognize that the Spirit moves in beneficial ways in many faith traditions.

2. Seek community that is inclusive of all people, honoring differences in theological perspective, age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, class, or ability.

3. Strive for peace and justice among all people, knowing that behaving with compassion and selfless love towards one another is the fullest expression of what we believe.

4. Embrace the insights of contemporary science and strive to protect the Earth and ensure its integrity and sustainability.

5. Commit to a path of life-long learning, believing there is more value in questioning than in absolutes.

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