General Synod Elections 2021 – update from Inclusive Church

We are very close to the General Synod elections, which will set the agenda in the Church of England for the next five years.

We are very close to the General Synod elections, which will set the agenda in the Church of England for the next five years. We need you to do two things:

1) Think whether you could stand in these elections

2) Vote for our Supported Candidates, and encourage others to vote for them

1) Standing for election

We are working with a broad coalition of inclusive church groups supporting candidates across the church, both clergy and lay. While we have good numbers already standing, we need more. Nominations close at the start of September, so this is our last call for candidates. We welcome candidates standing in any diocese, and with a proportional voting system there is always room for more. We would be particularly interested to hear from:

Clergy in the following dioceses: Blackburn, Bristol, Europe, Exeter, Gloucester, Guildford, Leeds, Lichfield, Lincoln, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, Peterborough, St Eds & Ips, Sodor & Man, Truro, York.

Laity in the following dioceses: Bristol, Durham, Europe, Leeds, Lichfield, Liverpool, Peterborough, Rochester, St Eds & Ips, Salisbury, Sodor & Man, Southwell & Nottingham, Truro, York.

Please contact Nic Tall at if you are interested. Nic will be able to guide you through the process and add you to our list of Supported Candidates.

2) Voting

The Supported Candidates list will be sent out just before voting opens on 17th September. Everyone on the list has signed up to the following statement:

“I am committed to equality for everyone, at all levels and roles within the church, regardless of gender, disability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental health or sexuality.”

We will be distributing the list to the members/supporters of all the partner organisations working together for this election, and also making it available at Once it is out please forward it on to others who are able to vote and have inclusive values. Every vote will count, Synod elections can be decided by just one or two votes, so please vote and encourage others to do so. By concentrating votes on our Supported Candidates, including second and subsequent preference votes, we will keep the inclusive vote focussed on returning as many candidates as possible. Sharing the Supported Candidates list with others, spreading it far and wide, will be really important.

Any queries about the elections? Please contact Nic Tall :

or visit :

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