PCN Chair’s Update

This update was sent by email to PCN members at the end of October 2011  ...

Saturday October 29th 2011

I start with sincere thanks to those who took part in the consultation over PCN’s new Three Year Strategic Plan. The trustees met earlier this month at the Bar Convent in York for a twenty-four hour planning session. Your responses were invaluable in helping us to draw up the draft plan, which is currently available for your inspection on the PCN website*. We would value your comments which should be sent to the PCN office.

I’d like to highlight a few of the themes in the plan.

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New date for PCN Ipswich group launch

For the first time, a PCN group is to meet in a pub....

A new group is being set up in Ipswich. It will be launched on Monday 17th October at 7.30pm. The venue is the Robert Ransome, a pub in Tower St, Ipswich. It is next to Tower Ramparts Bus Station and has a car park nearby, William St. We are to have part of the upstairs. There is no charge but we are expected to buy at least one drink each! For more information contact the convenor, Liz Smith at liz.smith@pcnbritain.org.uk or 01473 462875.

Like all groups in the PCN groups network, the aim is to offer progressive Christians somewhere to meet and talk about their faith without the fear of censorship from more traditional church-goers.

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