PCN Britain has charitable status, and depends wholly on its membership for funding the work we do. Membership of the Progressive Christianity Network Britain is for all who value an open, progressive and theologically radical voice within British Christianity, and want to maintain and promote that generous understanding of faith. Members of PCN Britain come from all denominational traditions and understandings. If you sympathise with our objectives, and are worried by the shrillness of other conservative Christian voices, and the damaging effect they have on so many ordinary people’s perception of Christianity, then please join our growing network.

Benefits of Membership

  • You will receive our quarterly newsletter by email or post, plus regular email updates
  • Advance details of all our own and some other conferences
  • A reduced rate in conference fees
  • Share in our extensive network of local groups across the country, and draw strength from the companionship found in them.
  • Support and encouragement to members willing to start new groups in areas currently without one.

Membership fees

Membership runs from January to December, and the affiliation fee for a calendar year is £30 per person. There is a £45 donor option for those who wish and are able to support the Network further. There is also a £15 reduced option for those on a limited income. It will make no difference to the service we give you. If you join us after June we will give you half year membership for half the usual price. If you join us at the very end of the year you will be offered membership through to the end of the following year. Churches & local groups We do not provide direct church or group membership; we encourage churches or local groups sympathetic to our aims to promote personal membership. We do want to support churches who are open to people of progressive understanding, and to questioners and explorers – and to help people to find them. We invite them to apply for listing on this website. We invite progressive groups which are open to all to apply for affiliation to our PCN Britain network of local groups. Learn what this might mean for you and if you are interested apply for affiliation.