The Eight Points

PCN Britain offers these Eight Points, not as a creed, but as an expression of the Christian life.

We are people who

  1. Seek God, however understood, guided by the life and teachings of Jesus
  2. Affirm that there are many ways to experience the Sacred and that we can draw on diverse sources of wisdom on our spiritual journeys.
  3. Recognise that following Jesus leads us to act with compassion and to confront evil.
  4. Place hospitality at the centre of our communal and worshipping life and see the sharing of bread and wine as an expression of our common humanity.
  5. Seek to build communities that accept all who wish to share companionship without insisting on conformity.
  6. Know that the way we behave towards others is the fullest expression of our faith.
  7. Gain more insights in the search for understanding than we do in certainty.
  8. Work together within and beyond the Church to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.