Borg - Speaking Christian. The Only way.

Chapter 17 from Borg's book - a summary of his ideas on Christian exclusivism. I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except by me,

Rex Hunt meeting - Sept 2015

Various documents produced by Rex as part of his talk, including the audience hand-out.

Report on group discussion of Eight Points

Summary of the meeting on 22nd Jan 2014 when we looked at the present UK version of the Eight points in comparison with that of the American sister organisation.

New Liberal Christian group in Stockport area

A new group has started locally offering a monthly worship environment for people who may not have access to a congregation with a liberal outlook. Details on website: NOTE…

Allowing doubt

Thoughts on Christmas from Val Webb, an Australian theologian.

Thoughts on Advent

Greg Jenks article on Advent seemed particularly relevant....