Spring 2016

Meetings resumed in September after the summer break when we were delighted to be able to host Rex Hunt from Australia. Based on material from a forthcoming book, Rex spoke about worship and liturgy using examples he had created, and his talk was well received by the large number of people who attended.
In October we returned to our normal group meetings when we discussed the idea of whether God could be understood as interventionist in this world. Most felt that this concept no longer held much relevance.
For the last meeting of this year, we shall be using the Borg book “Speaking Christian” and considering his understanding of Sin and whether this concept still holds any meaning for most people today.
Following the Christmas break, we have a programme planned for next year which continues the theme “exploring what I believe”. Some members of the group are going to present their ideas about God and science, and whether action is more important than belief. We also will look at the more radical approach of Gretta Vosper, using one of the DVDs from the PCN library.
The group continues to attract upwards of a dozen people for each meeting – and we have room for more, so anyone in the area who may be interested in our activities would be most welcome to come along. More information can be obtained from the group co-ordinator John Ramsbottom. (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address))

Group Bulletins