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Walk the Jesus Walk by John Simmonds

Walk the Jesus Walk by John Simmonds

Together In Hope - Resources for Christian Faith today. Progressive Christianity Network Britain, Modern Church, Free to Believe and St Marks Centre for Radical Christianity have collaborated to produce a new series of study guides, of which this is the first. The book covers six sessions. The aim is to give encouragement and hope to those who seek a credible Christian faith for the twenty first century. ‘Walk the Jesus Walk’ is ideally suited for groups of people, such as a teenagers group or a new enquirers group who would appreciate a straightforward way of learning about Jesus of Nazareth and be inspired to follow in his way. Note from the author: My conviction is that the real Jesus has been taken away from us, so that we rarely catch a glimpse of the charismatic teacher and prophet who lived in Palestine about two thousand years ago. The Jesus Christ of the Church often bears little resemblance to its founder. Is it possible to discover Jesus as he was before the Church got its hands on him? Maybe it’s impossible, but one has to try.

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