PCN Leaflet - An Introduction to the PCN Groups Network

PCN Leaflet - An Introduction to the PCN Groups Network

This leaflet explains how to find a group near you, how the groups operate and the support available to groups from PCN. You may order up to 50 to be sent to you free of charge. For orders for more than 50 please write to our office at info@pcnbritain.org.uk. You can also download a copy of this leaflet from our resources section.

The other titles in the series are

An Introduction to our Eight Points – this leaflet amplifies the meaning of our eight points and illustrates them with quotes from well-known progressive Christians.

Helping You To Live A Progressive Christian Faith - describes what it means to hold a progressive Christian faith and what PCN has to offer to members.

Helping Churches to Share a Progressive Faith – is for churches wishing to explore a progressive Christian faith – offering resources and back up from ourselves and our partners.

The four leaflets were published in 2017. Together they provide a reflection of PCN’s work and what we stand for.

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