Group Profile

Contact Details

Convenor: Robin Story
Location: Sheffield
Phone: 0114 236 2251
Website: No website

About Us

The Sheffield PCN Group is a discussion forum and support group that has been and is open to all.
The Group attracts people from different denominations (Church of England, United Reformed, Methodist, Quakers and those with no affiliation).
Our Group spirit is one of exploration asking questions rather than providing answers.
A greatly valued function of the Group is to provide companionship and mutual support for each other.
We are committed to action for social justice through our membership of our churches, voluntary organisations and charities.


Venue & Meeting Times

We meet on the third Thursday of each month (except July, August and December) at 1.30 pm. Please contact the convenor, Robin Story, for directions to their house in Ecclesall, Sheffield.

Group History

Soon after the St Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity (CRC) was established in 2003 a small group was formed to keep interest going between conferences and other events. With a national membership it was thought at that time that similar groups of St Mark’s CRC members would start up in other parts of the country. However this ambition has never been fulfilled although, when the Sheffield CRC Group grew too large, encouragement was given to establish a second group in Chesterfield. With the foundation of the Progressive Christianity Network (PCN) the Chesterfield Group affiliated to PCN as the North Derbyshire PCN Group.
Over the years the Group has attracted people from different denominations (Church of England, United Reformed, Methodist, Quakers and no affiliation).
With increasing coordination between CRC and PCN and the attraction of our Group belonging to a national network that enjoys the services of PCN, it was agreed to affiliate to PCN. With the demise of CRC this was dropped from our title.
The Group has met monthly since its inception. After experimenting with morning, evening, lunchtime and afternoon meetings, we meet at 1.30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month except July, August and December.
We have 16 members, but welcome anyone interested to join us.
At the beginning of the year we draw up a programme of topics suggested by the Group. this gives us a huge variety of subjects from poetry readings, book reviews, contemporary issues in the news and reports on conferences and seminars that members have attended.


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