Group Profile

Contact Details

Convenor: Valerie Graham
Location: Ruislip
Region: London
Phone: 07816 237211

About Us

Our meetings are open to all, for those from any denomination and from none, who find the traditional ways of understanding the Christian story unsatisfactory.

We are mutually supportive and within the confidentiality of the group, we aim to be free to examine our faith, explore different interpretations of the Christian story and make our own journey of discovery.

We seek to discover a Christian vision for the 21st century by examining Christianity through the eyes of modern radical theologians, by following suitable study guides and by sharing one another’s insights. We do not attempt to persuade anyone to a particular view and recognise the validity of others’ faithfully held beliefs even if we cannot follow them.

Ours is a journey and we search for understanding rather than answers. “Travelling with hope is more rewarding than arriving” and we realise that our interpretation may be provisional.

Our meetings have a floating membership to accommodate various activities at both churches but generally we have between six and ten members at each meeting.

We start with a ' news' time where members can bring items of interest from the past week.
We then continue with discussion centred around a book, DVD, study course etc.

Venue & Meeting Times

Our basic plan for meeting dates is:
Second Thursday in the month at Ickenham Road Methodist Church at 8.00pm
Fourth Tuesday in the month at Torrington Road Methodist Church at 8.00pm

Ickenham Road is a turning off the High Street of Ruislip.
Torrington Road is ten minutes walk south from Ruislip Manor Station.

Further details can be found on the web sites and

We often have short breaks at Easter and Christmas when church calendars get rather busy. We also have a break in August.

Group History

In 2005 the Methodist church launched an initiative entitled “ Time to Talk of God”, with the aim of recovering Christian conversation as a way of nurturing discipleship. A series of discussion groups was started under the guidance of the Minister Revd. David Bidnell comprising members of Ruislip Methodist Church and Ruislip Manor Methodist churches. These were very successful and people started to talk openly about their faith and the problems and difficulties they found. These meetings came to an end when we had a change in minister, but the demand for a meeting where people could openly discuss their faith and seek new answers to many of their questions continued.
So a new group called “Journeys” was started as a joint venture between Ruislip and Ruislip Manor Methodist churches.
We wanted to open up our meetings to a wider circle, so in 2011 we became affiliated to PCN Britain.

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