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Convenor: Nicola Phelan
Location: Rugby

About Us

The group will generally meet on the second Monday bimonthly at 7.30pm for about an hour and a half but please check the dates as this occassionally changes. Most members come from the Rugby area but anyone who can get here is welcome. We usually have about eight to ten at the majority of meetings. We have previously chosen topics introduced by members, followed by lively discussion and usually a brief time of reflection. In the past we have heard from members about their spiritual journeys. We have a separate book group that meets about every six weeks on average. Those that attend seek to explore spirituality and faith in an open way and seem to welcome the opportunity whether associated with a church or not.

A separate Book Group meets approx. bimonthly in a members home. Please contact Nicola Phelan for details.

Venue & Meeting Times

The Prayer Room in the United Reformed Church, Hillmorton Road, Rugby.
sometimes in adjoining Albert room Start 7-30 pm till 9-30 pm. Usually the third Monday bi monthly.

Please be observant of any group in the main hall who you may need to pass through on the way to the prayer room at the back.

Group History

The group began in 2004, initially with three members of PCN who made contact and then expanded through word of mouth to our own local contacts. Many are connected to St Andrews Church in Rugby but not all. We have had people join us from Leicester and Coventry.. We were joined by four people a few years ago who met through Greenbelt and as a result of this our book group developed. Several members also attend the local interfaith group. We welcome the new website as this will enable others who are searching for an open space to discuss thoughts about spirituality and theology to find their local group. It will also be good to share resources such as books, CD's and DVD's and with time our thoughts after meetings as we never have enough time.

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