Group Profile

Contact Details

Convenor: Nicola Phelan
Location: Rugby

About Us

The regular Zoomers are a small group of about 5 but we have other Progressive and Liberal thinkers locally who are interested too. We are involved in Churches locally and other activities for the common good. We welcome new members so please do make contact if interested in meeting with others who are interested in open discussion about all matters relating to faith, belief and Life.

Venue & Meeting Times

Since the Pandemic we have continued to meet on Zoom approximately monthly usually on a Monday evening. Please email Nicola Phelan if you would like the link. We do periodically meet in person in the day and also at other initiatives.

Group History

The group began in 2004, initially with three members of PCN who made contact and then expanded through word of mouth to our own local contacts. Many are connected to St Andrews Church in Rugby but not all. We have had people join us from Leicestershire and Coventry. Sadly over time some regular members have died and others have moved away but by word of mouth new people have joined us. During the pandemic we have begun to meet on Zoom which has enabled people to join who can't get to meetings or who have moved away.

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