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Convenor: Alan Powell
Location: Richmond
Region: London
Phone: 020 8878 7355

About Us

PCN Richmond currently has some 12 members. Although most are from the Parish of Mortlake and East Sheen, we have two members who live and worship elsewhere. The group meets about every six weeks on Saturday afternoons in members' houses. We usually discuss a topic for an hour or so, hold a short period of silence for reflection and conclude with a prayer. We then adjourn for refreshment and enjoyment of each other's company.

Over the years, we have discussed several topics, many based on books such as Marcus Borg's "Heart of Christianity", Chris Scott's "Between the Poles" and Dave Tomlinson's "How to be a bad Christian ... And a better human being" . We have also used "Honest Sermons" from the Radical Faith website and the three talks "Let's Be Honest" given by Adrian Alker at an Abingdon conference. More recently, we considered six Gresham lectures given by Richard Holloway in 1999-2000 on the theme of Living Theology and a series on Dave Tomlinson's "Re-Enchanting Christianity". We have completed a series of meetings on Marcus Borg's "Days of Awe and Wonder" and held discussions on selected sermons from various sources.
We recently completed a series of discussions based on Chris Scott's "The Jesus Myth".and have just started a series of meetings discussing Don MacGregor's “Christianity Expanding into Universal Spirituality”.

Venue & Meeting Times

Meetings are held on Saturday afternoons at approximately six weekly intervals and at different locations in Mortlake or East Sheen. The venue for each meeting can be found by contacting the group convenor.

Group History

PCN Richmond held its first meeting in 2004.

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